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Becoming a Travel Agent

At Making Magical Moments Travel, LLC, we are looking for energetic and creative people who have a passion for travel. Our travel advisors offer exceptional service to help make lifelong memories for clients.

Let’s break down the responsibilities of a travel advisor joining our team:

  • The goal of Making Magical Moments Travel, LLC is to support and assist clients in planning the vacation of a lifetime. We want to help clients by removing vacation planning from their to-do list. We are going above and beyond to serve our clients by recommending customized travel itineraries perfectly tailored to their hopes, wishes, and dreams.

Go the extra mile for clients with relationship-oriented service

  • We seek travel advisors who serve clients well by recommending destinations and supplies, managing their bookings, and answering questions appropriately. They also are intentional with their clients by providing personalized recommendations and coordinating custom itineraries that best suit their client’s travel dreams.

  • Our travel advisors handle customer problems with empathy and patience in a goal-driven environment.

Keeping on top of industry standards, travel trends and always working to improve your business

  • Taking advantage of all training classes offered

  • Keeping up-to-date with the latest promotions and initiatives from suppliers

  • Developing marketing systems to attract leads

Proactive, Professional, and Passionate

  • Clear, friendly, and professional communication is essential—the ability to articulate well over email and phone.

  • Ability to work independently and take ownership of tasks

  • A strong desire to succeed in a sales-oriented, ever-evolving environment

  • A willingness to learn and apply new technologies

  • Commitment to investing in yourself as a full-fledged business

  • A love and passion for travel!

Here are a few standards that you will come to expect from us by working at Making Magical Moments Travel, LLC.

We have invested 100s of hours in crafting a training program to help you succeed and I will always be updating and adding more as time goes on. This is an ever changing industry and we need to be on top of the newest and latest when it comes to the travel business.

We will never throw you in the deep end on your own. Joining Making Magical Moments Travel, LLC means exceptional training, mentorship and support throughout your onboarding period, where you are challenged to identify your ideal client audience, establish healthy boundaries, and determine your marketing message.

We always looking for new team members who are passionate about our mission of crafting the best vacation possible for our clients.

If this sounds like you, click HERE to apply today!

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