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Hi! My name is Amber and I am a travel agent for Making Magical Moments, LLC.


I grew up and live just outside of Columbia, SC. Traveling is something my family and I love to do and do often. From taking cruises to just long weekends in the mountains or at the beach we try to go monthly somewhere to get away.


From a young age my parents instilled in me the importance of getting away from the daily routine and relaxing and enjoying things. I am so lucky to have experience traveling to lots of different places and trying lots of new experiences because of this.


While I can't always get my husband and boys on board with Disney and Universal, I can get them to do cruises and going to new and exciting places. As I have gotten older, my mom and I have continued to bond on shared trips to all things Disney and Universal.


I have lots of experience in planning and setting up these trips and LOVE to make sure we are doing the most to have fun all while relaxing and enjoying ourselves. I know I can help you and your family with all the details and in's and out's of your next vacation. I can't wait to help you and your family plan your next great adventure!


Let's connect! 



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