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Hi, I’m Christine, your enchanted travel agent at Making Magical Moments Travel! After a spellbinding and long hiatus away from the travel industry, I have put on my Mickey ears and my Hogwarts cloak, (Now that’s a look right there!… am I right?) and I am ready to bring the magic back into your vacations.


As your go-to enchanted travel agent…I specialize in creating Disney Dream Vacations, Disney Cruises and casting magical spells right out of the spell books in Hogwarts Library (Don’t tell Madam Pince) to help you plan the most memorable Universal Studios vacation you’ve ever imagined. Let me sprinkle the perfect blend of pixie dust and wizardry to transform your vacation into an epic tale. Get set for a stress-free journey – because with me, every vacation is a happily ever after or a magical tale waiting to unfold!


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