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The Walt Disney World® Resort

Visiting Disney World is like stepping into a dream come true. Each of the four iconic Walt Disney World® Theme Parks transports you to a realm where the stresses of the real world melt away, replaced by the boundless joy of imagination.

Immerse yourself in the enchantment of storybook fantasies at the Magic Kingdom® Park, where beloved Disney tales awaken right before your eyes. Embark on a global adventure at Epcot®, experiencing the wonders of different cultures and innovations. Venture into the wild at Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park to explore the domain of amazing creatures that dwell in our world and beyond the bounds of our imagination. Bask in the allure of showbiz at Disney’s Hollywood Studios™, where you're the star in a dazzling world of glitz and glamour. Your journey is only limited by your dreams, with every turn offering a new avenue of adventure.

And for those seeking aquatic adventures, Disney’s Water Parks offer an escape unlike any other. Forget the beach and bypass the pool; these water parks set the bar for cool. Whether you're looking to thrill-seek, relax, sunbathe, or play, your family will find waves of imagination to ride. Here, creativity and fun flow in endless waves.

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